Vanda coerulea


Discribed: Griffith ex J. Lindley, 1847
Origin: Eastern Himalaya region, Myanmar, Thailand
Temperature: 15°-25°C
Water: Once a week water. Mist regularly.
Humidity: 70-80%
Placement: Sunny position + good ventilation
Presentation: 4 to 5 years from a flowering size plant. Mounted on cork.
Morphology: A monopodial epiphyte that prefers to be grown mounted on cork or in a hanging basket. Once 8 years old this species flowers every year with inflorescences that reach 50 cm long and carry 3 to 9 flowers up to 10 cm in diameter. The upper petals tent to tip over.
Flowering season: September to December.
Flowering time: 6 weeks and longer.
Fragrance: Light sweet scent.