Prosthechea fragrans


Discribed: (Sw.) W.E Higgins, 1997
Origin: Central and South America. 
Synonym: Encyclia fragrans, Anacheilium fragrans.
Temperature: 15°-24°C
Water: Water every week but allow roots to dry out + mist regularly.
Humidity: 60-70%
Placement: Half shade position + good ventilation
Presentation: Flowering size plant. Cultivated in a 12 cm pot with fine bark and cocos fibre.
Morphology: An adorable species with short flower stemps and 1,4 to 2,8 cm flowers. One to several pseudo bulbs are produced every growing cyclus.  
Flowering season: April to July
Flowering time: Between 4 and 5 weeks
Fragrance: Sweet Vanilla scent.