Phalaenopsis honghenensis


Discribed: (Hooker f.) E. Christenson, 1986
Origin: Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan, Myanmar, South China, Vietnam.
Synonym: Phalaenopsis taenialis
Temperatures: 13°- 20°C
Water: weekly watering. Mist regularly.
Air humidity: 70-80%
Placement: Full shade + good ventilation.
Presentation: 1 year from a flowering size plant. Mounted on a slab of cork. This epiphyte has flat creeping roots but the plant stays smal.
Flowers: On short inflorescences carries 4 to 6,2 cm large flowers. The colour can vary.
Flowering season: 4-7
Flowering time: +/- 4 weeks.
Fragrance: No scent.