Oncidium schroederianum


Discribed: (O’Brien) Garay & Stacy, 1974
Origin: Costa Rica, Panama.
Synonym: Miltonia schroederiana, Miltonioides confusa, Miltonioides schroederiana
Temperature: 15°-25°C
Water: Once a week water. Mist regularly.
Humidity: 70-80%
Placement: Half shade position + good ventilation
Presentation: Flowering size plant in 6 cm pot.
Morphology: Compact growing epiphyte with a short, arching inflorescence that easily makes side shoots. The waxy flowers measure 3,5 to 6 cm.
Flowering season: Between May and October.
Flowering time: +/- 4 weeks.
Fragrance: Strong sweet scent.