Odontoglossum epidendroides


Discribed:  Kunth, 1816

Origin: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru.

Synonyms: Oncidium epidendroides, Odontoglossum lacerum, Oncidium lindleyoides.

Temperature: 10°-19°C
Water: Once a week water. Mist daily.
Humidity: 75-90%
Placement: Half shade position+ good ventilation
Presentation: 2 years from a flowering size plant. Cultivated in a 6 cm pot with fine bark.
Morphology: A compact medium size epiphyte with slender inflorescences and 3,5 to 4 cm large flowers. 
Flowering season: June to August.
Flowering time: +/- 4 weeks.
Fragrance: Lemon scented.