Ludisia discolor 'alba'


Discribed: (Ker-Gawl.) A. Richards, 1825
Origin: Widespread in Souteast Asia

Synonyms: Haemaria discolor, Ludisia dawsoniana,...

Nickname: The Jewel Orchid or Diamond Orchid.
Temperatures: 15°-24°C
Water: water once a week and allow roots and soil to dry out.
Air humidity: 50-60%
Placement: Half to full shade position + good air circulation.
Presentation: Flowering size plant. Cultivated in a 9 cm pot with fine bark and perlite.
Morphology: A compact growing terrestrial orchid with attractive green leaves and white veines. Blooms with and upright flowers stalks that carry diamond shaped white flowers.
Flowering season: December to March.
Flowering time: 4 to 6 weeks
Fragrance: No scent