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An interesting, upcoming book caught our attention:  The Odontoglossum Story by Stig Dalström, Guido Deburghgraeve, Wesley Higgins, et al.

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The Odontoglossum Story

Coming in 2019, the most comprehensive treatment of Odontoglossum since James Bateman’s classic Monograph of Odontoglossum in 1874.

The Odontoglossum Story is a monographic treatment with a new classification of the genus, which is divided into 6 sections, and further subdivided into series of similar species. This revised classification is based on the latest DNA science combined with morphological characteristics. The book presents all 77 species currently recognized in the genus. Nine natural Odontoglossum hybrids are also included as samples of the prolific tendency of many species to cross-pollinate with other sympatric members of the genus.

Each species is fully described and illustrated with a line drawing as well as with brilliant photographs. Many are taken in the natural habitat. Each species distribution is visually demonstrated with a map and by citations of examined herbarium specimens. Additionally, the story behind each species is presented in layman’s terms which make this monograph enjoyable reading.

The book includes 6 introductory chapters that trace the early days of European “Odontoglossum-mania”, early culture and hybridization, and other related topics by guest authors Alex Hirtz, Phillip Cribb, Rik Neirynck, Peter Sander, Gerhard Vierling and John Miller. The introduction to the orchid family includes morphological traits, evolution of Orchidaceae, and the concepts of modern classification using natural monophyletic groups.

The book concludes with two chapters of cultivation by guest authors Andrey Romanko and Brian Phelan. The monograph is fully referenced with a comprehensive list of references, a glossary and an index. The audience for this book is any orchid lover from the taxonomist to the horticulturist and from the hobby grower to the book collector.

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April 25, 2019 by Petrens Orchid Shop

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