07/07 - Notice for our Northern Ireland customers

Shipping to Northern Ireland is still possible for our clients, as it is still a member of the EU. Shipping to England, Scotland and Wales is not possible.
Technically until December 31th 2020 it is possible to ship plants to the UK. However from 1st of January 2021 plants coming from the EU will need CITES and phytosanitary documents. The extra cost, time and paper work makes it for us unprofitable to ship any longer to the UK/Gibraltar. Deadlines for the last shipments by courier are Sunday 13th of December 2020, 12.00 hour. If we get overwhelmed by orders the deadline can be earlier. We regret that we no longer can ship to the UK/Gibraltar and hope in the future to find a way to do so.

December 11, 2020 by Petrens Orchid Shop
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Danielle Easton

Danielle Easton said:


I’ve just seen your message re UK delivery deadline being yesterday but am I too late to place an order on or before 31st Dec 20 delivery.

That is fine if you are unable to commit to my request.

Thank you


Serena said:

Salve vorrei sapere se effettuate spedizione in Italia e se devo pagare la dogana oltre al prezzo totale con la spedizione. Grazie, cordiali saluti.

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