04/09 - Renovations almost finished!

04/09 - Renovations almost finished!

You may have already noticed it during your recent visit to our nursery. Some of our greenhouses are being renovated. Soon our plants can return to their familiar place. ;-)

September 04, 2017 by Petrens Orchid Shop
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Annemieke Nagtegaal

Annemieke Nagtegaal said:

Is the renovation ready? Kring Utrecht der NOV will visite you somewere in june on a sathurday.

4 or 5 years back we visite you also and our members ask again of we can visite you.

do you have in that period a special day or when you have that?

We are very curious afther the renovation how it is by you.

kind regards

Annemieke Nagtegaal

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