13/03 - What’s new in March?

Sobralia macrantha

13/03 - What’s new in March?
This months orchid in the picture: Sobralia macrantha

Sobralia is a medium large orchid genus with more than 100 species described. It is named after the Spanish botanist Dr. Fransisco Sobral who lived in the 18th century. Sobralia macrantha is a popular specie from central America. The plant looks like bamboo with wider curved leaves and flowers on top of the canes. Flowers are short lived but come one after the other. Flowers can be 8 to 20 cm large and  produce a sweet scent. This specie requires cool to intermediate conditions in a half shade position. During summer it needs twice a week water, during winter once a week. Keep the plant in a cool environment between 14° and 18°C. From May on move the plant to a warmer place with temperatures between 18° and 25°C. A repotting is needed every 2 to 3 years. We advice to use a medium large bark. Repot with care as the roots don't like to be disturbed. Sobralia macrantha is a stunning orchid if you see the flower for the first time. You definitely want one.

New in our Hybrids Collection:

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Rhynchostele Violetta von Holm
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New in our Species Collection:

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Angraecum eburneum subsp. xerophyllum
Cyrtorchis arcuata

Odontoglossum naevium ‘Vogelsang’

Trichocentrum nanum

Sobralia macrantha

Sophronitis brevipendiculata

Photo: Sobralia macrantha

Should you have any questions regarding these new plants, feel free to contact us any time. Have fun collecting!

March 13, 2020 by Petrens Orchid Shop
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