26/05 - New Dracula arrived!

26/05 - Dracula erythrochaete

The name Dracula means little dragon. The flowers are reminiscent of a dragons mouth. Although some people see them as monkey faces and call them "monkey face orchid". There are approximately 135 species, most of them found in Colombia and Ecuador. Dracula do well in a basket or small pot with living sphagnum mos. They prefer cool to temperate conditions in full shade. High humidity and good air circulation are also important. Dracula erythrochaete occurs in Costa Rica and Panama in mountains above 1200 meter. 


Arpophyllum giganteum
Brassavola flagellaris
Bulbophyllum makoyanum
Cattleya aurantiaca 'Citron Lemon'
Christensonia vietnamica
Dendrobium chrysotoxum
Dendrobium parishii
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum
Dendrobium unicum
Dracula erythrochaete
Epidendrum renzii
Masdevallia caesia
Masdevallia coccinea 'alba'
Masdevallia hieroglyphica
Paphiopedilum godefroyae
Paphiopedilum niveum
Seidenfadenia mitrata
Stelis itatiayae
Stelis specie 'Red'
Vanda coerulescens
Vanda denisoniana
Vanda griffithii


Burrageara Nelly Isler
Cattlianthe Jewel Box 'Sheherazade'
Guarechea Miva Conchita
Howeara Mini Primi
Miltonidium Bartley Schwarz
Odontocidium Artur Elle's 100th Birthday
Oncidium Sweet Sugar
Pleione Tongariro
Prosthechea vespa x Prosthechea vitellina
Vanda Suksamran Sunshine
Vuylstekeara Yokara 'Perfection' x Oncidium leucochilum

Photo: Dracula erythrochaete

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May 26, 2016 by Petrens Orchid Shop
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