07/04 - Coelogyne cristata

Coelogyne cristata

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Coelogyne cristata: one of the orchid gems of the Himalayas. With it's creeping growing habbit and bold shiny pseudobulbs, it can be found on rocks and boulders. After a cool and dry rest in autumn they start to flower in winter. The large, snowwhite flowers hang down from the bulbs which make this plant an ideal basket plant. During spring and summer they require plenty of water and nutrients. Always let the roots dry out between waterings.


Brassanthe Maikai 'Mayumi'
Brassocattleya Tropical Flare 'Magic Fire'
Cattleya Tyl Bell 'Fantasy'
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Triumphal Coronation 'Seto'
Lysudamuloa Red Jewel 'Sweet Baby'
Odyncidium Wildcat 'Yellow Butterfly'
Oncidium Jungle Monarch


Bulbophyllum ambrosia
Bulbophyllum taiwanense
Coelia macrostachya
Coelogyne viscosa
Dendrobium aberrans
Dendrobium moniliforme 'variegatum'
Dendrochilum wenzelii
Encyclia tampensis
Lycaste lasioglossa
Paphiopedilum appletonianum
Paphiopedilum lawrenceanum
Paphiopedilum tonsum
Coelogyne cristata
Cuitlauzina pulchella
Laelia anceps 'alba'
Laelia anceps 'coerulea'
Oeceoclades saundersiana
Pleurothallis canaligera
Paphiopedilum foetens
Stelis sp.

Photo: Coelogyne cristata

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April 07, 2016 by Petrens Orchid Shop
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