04-09 - September Newcomers!

Dendrobium insigne

04/09 - September Newcomers!

We’ve just added more orchids to our webshop!
Orchid in the picture: Dendrobium insigne

This warm growing epiphyte occurs in the tropical rainforests of Papua New Guinea and Queensland, Australia. Its a fairly easy orchid to grow as long as it gets plenty of light and a drought period in winter. It produces fragrant flowers of 3 cm on the stem between the leaves. The flowering time is short but it blooms several times a year.

New in our Hybrids Collection:

Bulbophyllum Daisy Chain x purpurascens
Cattleya Haw Yuan Angel
Epicatleanthe Volcano Trick
Laeliocattleya Mini Purple
Laeliocattleya Shipbuilder’s Outmeal Stout ‘coerulea’
Laeliocattleya Zephyr’s Blue

New in our Species Collection:

Bulbophyllum dearei
Bulbophyllum gracillimum
Bulbophyllum guttulatum
Calanthe sieboldii
Cattleya x dolosa
Cattleya schofieldiana
Dendrobium crepidatum
Dendrobium insigne
Dendrochilum abbreviatum
Encyclia polybulbon
Epidendrum ibaguense ‘Orange Ballerina’
Epidendrum ibaguense ‘Red Ballerina’
Kefersteinia parvilabris
Maxillaria rufescens
Odontoglossum naevium
Paphiopedilum dianthum
Pleurothallis marthae
Polystachya teitensis
Prosthechea brassavolae
Prosthechea ionocentra
Prosthechea trulla

Photo: Dendrobium insigne

Enjoy your shopping!

September 04, 2017 by Petrens Orchid Shop
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