01/06 - New in our webshop!

Masdevallia davisii

01/06 - New in our webshop!

We’ve just added more orchids to our webshop!
Orchid in the picture: Masdevallia davisii

A compact medium large epiphyte with bright yellow flowers that reach 6,5 to 9 cm. This species is also known as “Orchid of the Sun” and occurs on rocky slopes in Peru at a hight of 3000 meter and more. It has been discovered by Walter Davis who found it near Cusco in 1873. It is described by Reichenbach, who named it after the collector. Several hybrids have been made with Masdevallia davisii, including M. Aquarius and M. Goldbug. This orchid needs a cool, shady and moist environment with lots of fresh air. It grows well in a fine bark medium.

New in our Hybrids Collection:

Paphiopedilum Envy Green
Miltonia Sunset

New in our Species Collection:

Cattleya loddigesii ‘alba’
Cattleya lueddemanniana
Guarianthe guatemalensis
Laelia jongheana
Cymbidium madidum
Epidendrum radicans ‘Pink’
Masdevallia attenuata
Masdevallia davisii
Oncidium euriclyne
Phalaenopsis javanica
Pleurothallis tubata

Photo: Masdevallia davisii

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June 02, 2017 by Petrens Orchid Shop
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